Implementation and support services

There are always operational difficulties in the implementation stage of projects in emerging markets, calling for a great deal of resources. You need the right supporting structure in place at the point of destination to ensure the efficient implementation of the operations laid out in your plan.


INTPULSE acts as a powerful LOCAL PARTNER, implementing solutions and bridging the gap with those markets where your company lacks the necessary expertise or structure. Our services can be tailored to your products and needs.

Establishment of useful CONTACTS with institutions and administrations.

  • LOCATION of land, industrial and commercial premises.
  • SUBCONTRACTING of local companies and services.
  • Purchase or hiring of the capital GOODSand materials required to implement your project.
  • Handling of local REGULATIONS as applicable: securing of permits, licences and authorisations.
  • Transport, insurance and CUSTOMS clearance. Handling of customs duties.
  • LOGISTICS at the point of destination.
  • Implementation and start-up.
  • Project MANAGEMENT.
  • Design and implementation of PROMOTION and advertising campaigns, online and offline
  • Post-implementation MAINTENANCE services.